Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tyler Perry Speaks Against Religious Freedom Bill

First, let me make something abundantly clear. I do not hate gay people. I just simply cannot support their lifestyle because it goes against the word of God. On the same token, I don’t support fornication, adultery or lying because those actions also go against the word of God. The world has accused the church of constantly targeting homosexuality but that’s partly because they are always asking about it. I have yet to watch a television interview where a pastor or Christian leader was asked how they felt about adultery or if it were a sin. The questions are always about homosexuality.

Governor Deal recently announced he would veto the religious freedom bill that was submitted by legislation to protect Christian leaders, churches and businesses from having to provide  services that goes against their religious beliefs. And while I do not agree with his decision, I can somewhat understand it. To be honest, there are bullies on BOTH sides of the fence. With the law in place, there would be some churches who would take advantage and discriminate against homosexuals. For example, I received an email from a lesbian who said that she wasn’t allowed to attend her dad’s funeral because she wanted to bring her girlfriend along. Without the law in place, the religious community becomes vulnerable to being forced to provide services against their beliefs or be sued. Remember the bakery that was forced out of business?

So where does that leave the rest of us? Stuck in the middle. And while I know that certain things must come to pass so the bible can fulfill itself, I refuse to be a helping hand in satan’s process. The sad part is, the church is partly the blame. You didn’t hear from many pastors while Governor Deal was making his decisions…or at least I didn’t.  And frankly, we won’t hear from many of them. Especially our celebrity Christian leaders because they are “in too deep.” Most of them spoke quietly behind the four walls of their church. They continued to support the same people who had a hand in Governor Deal’s decision.  This wasn’t something that happened overnight. It’s been brewing for years.

Tyler Perry, for instance. God told my husband and I to stop supporting Tyler a long time ago and I am glad we did. A Tyler Perry Studios spokeswoman said, “At Tyler Perry Studios, we believe in inclusion and equality for all people. We do not tolerate bigotry, division and discrimination. We have tremendous confidence in Governor Deal’s leadership and ability to continue to lead our great state forward and urge him to veto this bill.” WE all have supported Tyler down through the years because he was funny and entertaining. We ignored the fact that he has made his money wearing women’s clothing and mocking the bible with his profanity laced repetition of scripture. We ignored the homosexual activity scripted into his TV dramas on OWN. We ignored his having a baby out of wedlock, not marrying the child’s mother while making productions centered around marriage. We ignored his hosting the recent Passion musical in Louisiana only for him to speak out against the religious freedom act calling it anti gay a few days later. We ignored it all because we wanted our ears tickled. We’d rather turn a deaf ear and be entertained. Tyler Perry is among the people who would rather see you sued or in jail rather than protecting your rights as a Christian believer.

Please understand, I will never support the mistreatment of anyone, gay or straight. Gay people are human just like the rest of us. They deserve respect and protection but the same goes for the church. Because Christians are humans too. We deserve respect and protection as well. We have nothing but love for everyone but when it comes to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, we ain't going down without a fight.

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  1. I respect your thoughts. Many gay folk hate the church because we rarely see the church see gay people as souls but most of them are name calling and throwing rocks.

    I watched a pastor condemn The message Bible because it had the word slut instead of the word who're in the translation and he wanted to sheild his families eyes from profanity yet in the next breath when on to talk about queers. (He said it with a sneer with no thought or mention of them as the lost people many damaged by the church and as hurting people who have souls needing the the healing message of the love of Jesus. I just revisited and active again in my faith after many years and that sort of hatred is part of what kept me away. There are bullies on both sides yes but all gay folk don't hang naked on gay parade floats and the church needs to show compassion of souls and not cherry pick which sins are most offensive to God.