Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Man Drops Dead in Church

"News Worth Sharing"
Man Drops Dead in Church & Raised By Power of God
Pastor E Dewey Smith of Greater Travelers Rest in Decatur GA
I came across this story on Facebook and fought tears as I watched this clip. We don't hear of testimonies like this anymore. While many may still choose to remain skeptical, I can't help be stand in awe of God's awesome power. 

Towards the end of service Pastor E Dewey Smith asked the congregation to pray for a young man who had a heart attack during the service and quit breathing. The clip you are about to see starts after the EMTs were on scene.


As Pastor Smith said "They can perform CPR but only God can give breath!"
God is real and his power simply cannot be denied!

In Christ

Pastor Travis and Bridgett Mack

Monday, August 11, 2014

Cancel Black Jesus

Well.....satan is continuing to take his monstrosity of an evil agenda to the next level. Thanks to one of my Facebook friends, it has been brought to our attention that yet another abominable television show is set to premiere on August 7th. Adult Swim (eh hem...none of us should be watching this channel anyway) will be premiering its series "Black Jesus". I really don't have to say much. The trailer speaks for itself. Click the on video below to view the trailer and learn what you can do to take a stand.
WARNING: The video includes profanity.