Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Why It's So Easy for Some People to Believe Kirk Franklin

Ive come to accept the fact that no matter what I say or do, there are some people who have decided they are never going to like me. Still, Ive made up in my mind to be unapologetically me. God has given me the gift to pen and the conviction to always be honestthats all I know.

A couple of weeks ago, we posted an online video blog exposing Kirk Franklin, his attack on the church and blasphemous collaboration with Kanye West. While my husband and I are honored that God would use us to minister to hundreds of thousands, our hearts still grieve for those who are being led astray because of their lack of understanding and Kirks false teachings.

We had one commenter to say that she is sticking with Kirk no matter what the bible says. Another posted, Kirk was right, churches are a hustle and pastors are pimps thats why I don’t go to church.” And here is my most favorite (sarcastically speaking) This is bullsh*t with yo bullsh*t sound effects. My definition is of Religion is ISIS, Beheadings, Control, Corruption,Wars and most of the bullshi*t in this world is rooted in Religion. For your info Jesus never ever came to establish a Religion...ln fact he hated the Religious leaders of that day and they always sought to persecute him because He was NOT following Religion.” What tickled me the most is whenever we would ask the naysayers to please explain James 1:27, they would either not comment or say “F-off!”

Nonetheless, I can understand why it’s easy for so many people to defend Kirk Franklin because to some degree, part of what he is saying is true. There are some churches who hurt people. I grew up in the church so that’s all I know. Unfortunately, some of my greatest pains came from the same people who serve the same God as I. When your own comes against you, that is a pain like no other.

I will never forget the things that were said when my husband and I started GO Ministries. People accused him of secretly trying to start a church, while others accused me of writing plays based off of what was going on with some of the members and stealing moves for our dance ministry. I was completely disgusted at the self absorbed and diabolical attempts to slander our ministry. All we wanted to do was promote the Kingdom of God. But for some, ministry became a popularity contest.  Eight years after we started GO Ministries, my husband answered God’s call to pastor and let me tell you…that’s where the real fun began (sarcastically speaking). You would have thought Travis had just announced that he was about to become a Chip n Dale Dancer. LOL! He was scrutinized by not only the church but family and friends as well. These were the same people who consistently complained about the need for additional Kingdom Soldiers and Leaders. I was flabbergasted to say the least. At first our “then” pastor seemed supportive, but a few weeks later, he told us not to come back. And Oh! He didn’t stop there. He added more salt to the wound by saying to Travis before hanging up “ I wasn’t planning on praying over you and your family before you left.” Travis practically begged him for a meeting because he didn’t understand what was going on. We would find out later a sister in the church had started the rumor that we planned on “stealing members” before we left. I have to admit. I’m laughing as I typing this because it was all so utterly ridiculous!

All of this happened at one of the most sensitive times in my life. My youngest sister had recently died and I was struggling to cope with her death. I needed my church family and in a blink of eye and just like my sister…they were gone.

So yes, I know and understand that there are a lot of….shall I say it? Yes…yes I shall. No good churches out there. I know there are people who claim to be of faith when in fact they are no more than poisoned flesh, pushing more and more souls away from God. But like so many other ministries, the difference between us, them and Kirk Franklin, we have chosen not to lower the standard and bash the body of Christ as a whole. We have chosen to stick by the word of God and remain separate from the world. We have chosen to (no matter what) teach God’s truth even though it may seem unpleasant at times. We have chosen to be a part of the solution and not the problem. It’s been a struggle for me as a believer so I can only imagine the turmoil the nonbeliever must be facing. PEOPLE will make you want to “lose your religion” but salvation and a close walk with God will give you the strength you need to hold on.

You can’t develop a body of Christ on fire for the Kingdom with lukewarm messages and you can’t remain pure in the eyes of God when you join forces with poison. There is nothing wrong with ministering to the world. After all, that is what we are called to do. It’s the mingling with the world that puts a bad taste in the mouth of God.

In Christ,
First Lady Bridgett Mack