Friday, July 30, 2010

We encourage you to join us as we head to the Rylander Theatre in Americus, GA to minister our stage play, "When Good Ain't Good Enough." This emotion packed and highly anointed play has already changed the lives of families in Lee and Dougherty County. Admission is Free and a love offering will be raised. We ask that you help us make this production a success by making a donation today. It has been brought to our attention that it is the public's understanding that we are able to make our productions free because there are no production expenses to us. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Production costs can run up to $3000 once you include costs for sound, theatre rental, props, set construction, costume, travel, storage etc.

God placed it on our hearts to minister our plays for free to the public because our mission is to reach families everywhere and we understand that not everyone can afford the ticket costs. There are limitations on grants for our organization because we are Christian so we rely heavily on the support of individuals, churches and business owners to help support our cause.This is why we sell advertisements for our program. Currently we have two sponsors, Victory Tabernacle of Albany GA ( and Rose Shackleford, published author of "From Partying to Praying" and "You Picked Him".

We are very grateful to Victory Tabernacle, Mrs. Shackleford and our "all volunteer" team but we still need your help. No donation is too big or too small. Please click here to purchase an ad or make a donation.

Also, if you would like for your church or organization to received a formal invitation/flyer to this upcoming production, please send their mailing address to

Many Blessings!
Travis and Bridgett Mack
GO Ministries

When Good Ain't Good Enough
Written by Bridgett Mack
Americus Rylander Theatre
August 21, 2010
4:00 PM
310 W Lamar Street
Americus, GA 31709
Admission is Free! Love Offering will be raised

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Blessed Success

When Good Ain't Good Enough

Words cannot describe the extreme joy that GO Ministries and Victory Tabernacle feels at this moment because of the blessed success of the premiere of "When Good Ain't Good Enough". With nearly 600 people in attendance, God really showed his presence. His anointing fell strong among the actors, dancers, singers, musicians and production crew. Nearly 100 people crowded the altar after the play and a powerful exhortation from GO Ministries' founder Travis Mack. We have already received testimony of marital reconciliation, salvation and restoration among families. Pastor Eddie Adams and the Victory Tabernacle Prayer Warriors wasted no time in ministering to the people who came crying to the altar for help from God. Hurts were released and new beginnings were created. GO Ministries' Founder, Travis Mack, encouraged the youth who were living a life without their fathers to love and not hate, to pray, stay strong and be leaders not followers.

When Good Ain't Good Enough is our (Travis and Bridgett's) testimony of our trials and triumphs over our 14 years of marriage. We thank God for using us to draw the lives of others to Christ. Special thanks to everyone who came out to support us. Many blessings to our cast and production crew, Variety One and Praise Victory Band and Victory Tabernacle's Dance Team. Click Here to Meet Cast. We would also like to thank our Pastor and Church Family at Victory Tabernacle. We encourage you to join us in worship at our home church where everybody is somebody special. For more information on service times please visit Victory's website at .

We will be coming to the Rylander Theatre in Americus, GA on August 21, 2010. Start time is 4PM.
Be There!!!!!
Stay tuned for the DVD's release!

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

~Wake Up Church!!!~

Did you honestly think that satan stopped at Jesus when he offered him the world in exchange for his soul? Not so. Satan continues to manipulate the minds of our people by giving them the desires of their heart. It is easy to become so fascinated with the money, the cars, the houses and the notoriety that we overlook the most important thing....The commandments of God.

My dear friend loaned me a copy of G Craig Lewis's latest DVD, Hip Hop V. Mr. Lewis provided an in-dept view of satan's plot to rule the world and how he's gathering his army of drones to follow him. I highly recommend this dvd. It contains a step by step break down of satan's plot to possess the world through the use of the different signs, symbols and bodily expressions that are found in the music of both secular and "christian" artists.

Earlier the summer, I posted my convictions and views about the how today's Christian finds no fault in supporting and uplifting the secular. I lost quite a few "friends" as a result of this. Did it hurt? For a moment, yes. Will I stop spreading God's true word? No, not ever. There is a saying "The hand that rocks the cradle is hand that rules the world." No, I am not saying that satan rules the world but I am asking parents not to let video games, ipods and television babysit your children. Pay attention to what your children are absorbing!!

I do encourage you to purchase this dvd today (especially those of you who are skeptics). The information is true, it's real and backed up with actual interview, video and scripture. You can do so by going to Mr. Lewis's website at

At the risk of writing a tell all blog about Mr. Lewis's video, I will bring this post to an end. However, I will sign off by quoting Mr. Lewis and saying "WAKE UP CHURCH!!!!!!"

From My Heart to Yours