Friday, March 22, 2013

Bow Down B------???

Most of you have probably heard by now about Beyonce’s latest release “Bow Down B------”.  People (including some christians) have begun to express how shocked they are at Beyonce’s choice of words in this song. My question is “Why?” This has been a long time coming and it’s only going to get worse from here. Beyonce is captivating and has proven her ability to place a demonic hold on the spiritually weak through her music, looks and seductive antics.

Aleister Crowly
Beyonce fans are saying “It ain’t that serious. It’s just a song.” Let me remind you, satan is wickedly clever.  He knows not to show his true colors at first.  He presented the world with a beautiful, talented and seemingly humble young woman who appears to be living the dream life.  He lured you in with her cunning charm and after he wrapped you into his web of deceit, he showed his true self. Also, for those you who don’t know, Jay Z has adopted the teachings of Aleister Crowley, an atheist who created his own ten commandments; one of them being “do what thou wilt”. (Look at Jay Z's shirt) 

Furthermore, I am  sick and tired of the world deeming Christians as being judgmental.  I am even more frustrated with “yellow back so called Christians” who will fall for anything just because it looks or feels good. I am reading the blogs and listening to excuses given from people who are trying to justify the lyrics in BeyoncĂ©'s song. 

First let me say, God has no sense of humor when it comes to his word.  He specifically commands us in his Ten Commandments not to bow down or serve any other gods or graven image (Exodus 20:5). So there you go, I don’t have to write anything else on that one.   
Secondly, there is no justification for calling anyone outside of their birth given name.  Nikki Woods, Senior Producer for the Tom Joyner Morning Show, recently blogged about the issue and included insight she received from a sixteen year old Beyonce fan. When Nikki asked the sixteen year old if she was surprised at Beyonce’s choice of words, the young lady replied “Kind of. Especially since she’s a mom and because Jay-Z said he wasn’t going to use the B-word anymore.  But I think when women call other women the B-word it’s different than when a man does. It just another word for ‘girls.’ This was heartbreaking for me to read. Our young ladies have become used to being called female dogs and actually think of it as a term of endearment.  Proverbs 22: 1 says "A good name is rather to be chosen than riches and loving favour than silver and gold." 
Is the standard we are setting for our young women?  Are we willing to sit back and allow the media to taint the minds of our youth for their own financial gain? Beyonce, a positive influence? I’ve never consider her to be a positive influence. Her business and career has always been music and entertainment not empowering women and youth. For most celebrities (I said most not all), charity work is all a part of establishing a good image that will help increase record sales. Don’t believe me? The lyrics from this song alone should tell you that Beyonce is all about making that paper first and being a good influence second (if at all).
People if we don't stand for something we will fall for anything!

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Pursuit of Ministry

I write this for those of you in ministry who are beginning to feel weary and discouraged.

My husband and I were called into ministry long before we met. Kingdom business was one of the key principles instilled in us growing up by our parents and church leadership. Travis and I both inherited a hefty dose of spiritual boldness and endurance. We continued to actively serve our church after we got married and began to have children. God refueled my passion for writing and Travis’ gift of exaltation.  In the Spring of 2006, he called us into evangelism through the performing arts.

With a combination of nervousness and excitement, Travis and I obeyed God by taking our ministry to the next level. We were excited about what God was about to do through our call. Naturally we expected for “others” to be excited as well. Instead, we were met with much skeptism. While “the others” felt we were a blessing to the congregation, they expressed concern about us “setting ourselves up for failure” outside the four walls of the church. One family member said to us “What you are about to do is entertainment, not ministry.” This person forgot about Jesus and how he is known for ministering through parable (illustration). It didn’t take long for God to refill our “busted bubbles” by saying “It is not what they say. It is what I say. Now GO!”  

And now you know where the name GO Ministries came from J
The “others” couldn’t ignore the numerous testimonies we began to receive over the years; including that from a young man who was finally able to forgive his estranged father after seeing our stage play “When Momma’s Gone”. They couldn’t ignore the testimony from the woman who served her husband with divorce papers prior to seeing our stage play “No Weapon I” only to reconcile with him right after. They couldn’t ignore the cries of the young girl who was finally able to release the pain from her mom’s passing during the same play. They couldn’t ignore the testimony of the woman and her daughter who came to Christ and joined the church as well as our performing arts team after attending “He’s Been Good”. The testimonies we’ve received over the years are innumerable.

Sometimes people will reject you because of intimidation, fear and concern. Yes, I said concern. Here’s why..

We were in the process of planning our MAD Explosion when my sister suddenly passed away. My family was worried about my mental and physical health. They suggested we cancel the production and take some TLC time after the funeral. But I felt an inner press to keep going. And I thank God that we did. As you can see from the picture, many lives were changed that day.

Sometimes life won’t even give you lemons.. but God….God will give the seeds you need to plant your own. With those lemons, you can make as much lemonade as you want. Never depend on man because he will fail you every time. Depend solely on God and he will put the right people in your path. There will be times when God even allow the wrong people to come into your life just so that you will see firsthand what you should never become. Ministry can be very lonely. God has a way of removing the distractions and stumbling blocks we call friends and business partners so that we won’t get off course.
Travis and I have learned to trust God on a whole new level. For everything he removes, he replaces one hundred fold.

I know a lot of people who have given up on God and the pursuit of Kingdom Business because man said no. Remember, Jesus wasn’t accepted by his own; they saw him only as Joseph’s son. (Luke 4:20-30). Jesus encouraged his disciples to shake the dust off their feet and continue to the next town. (Luke 9:3-5)
I encourage those you who are on the brink of succumbing to your weariness, to HOLD ON!  Ministry is for the tried and true. It’s takes a lot of fasting, prayer, study time and patience. If a door is slammed in your face, straighten that tie or shake the wrinkle out of your dress and move on to the next.