Saturday, February 13, 2016

Lady Gaga Released Perfume Inspired By The Smell of Blood and Semen...How Did We Miss That?!?!?

Lady Gaga Fame the first fragrance created by American singer Lady Gaga. The unisex fragrance was released on August 22, 2012.

Reports circulated in early 2011 that Gaga wanted the perfume to smell of blood and semen. However, the singer stated that while the perfume was based on the molecular structure of the two substances, it would not smell of them. Lady Gaga  explained the blood element was based on a sample of her own blood to create "a sense of having me on your skin". The semen sample was received from  a donor. Rather than blood and semen, she said that the perfume would smell like an "expensive hooker."
Gaga states on the back of the packaging that the perfume is "black, like the soul of fame". 

WOW! It's a sad day everywhere when we have to start praying before we purchase a bottle of perfume. Stay prayerful Saints. It's time to back back and stop supporting anything that is not of God!

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