Thursday, August 13, 2015

ISIS Beheads 74 Children (WARNING Graphic Pictures)

It's hard for me to follow and understand politics for two reasons. One, the lack of truth behind most political campaigns. Two, politics have altogether abandoned the word of God in order to please man. Still, I try to stay in the know of what's going on in the world for the sake of prayer, keeping myself educated on new laws that could affect my family and our Christian beliefs and following the signs of the times. I know the pictures in this post are hard to look at but they represent the truth of what's really happening in our world and why we as a church need to wake up.

This morning I came across yet another grisly news report on ISIS and their beheading of 74 children who came from Christian families.
Immediately I felt convicted, angry and then motivated. The God we Americans take for granted, these people are willing to die for. The word of God we disobey on the daily basis, they reverence relentlessly. Excuses we give for sinning and falling short prove us to be nothing more than self absorbed, spoiled, whiny spiritual brats looking for a reason not to do better. In this land of the free we call America, Christians have fallen short in upholding God's standard.

While I am so thankful for freedom and the right to vote, if it comes down to me having to choose what they say are the lesser of two evils..... I won't...

I'd be lying if I didn't say a small part of me was proud when Obama was sworn in as America's first African American president but I couldn't support his platform. I know a lot of people who voted for him simply because he was black. They ignored his vow to support gay rights. They ignored his support of abortion and a woman's right to choose. And now here they are outraged because gay marriage is legal in America, disgusted at the lawsuits filed against churches and Christian businesses by the gay community and horrified at the idea of Planned Parenting harvesting and selling the body parts from aborted babies. 

Most Christians have become so consumed 
with rights and racism they have negated God's word altogether. Meanwhile, we have believers in other countries who are so sold out to Christ they would die before they denounce him or his word. The evils that are occurring in this world is not because of God but because of man's disobedience. 

Our pastors have sold the sanctity of their pulpits for a dollar...

and the church has closed their ears to the true men and women of God in order to follow lukewarm, chain smoking, bible blaspheming, profanity spewing, drag dressing celebrities because their spiritual eyes have been blinded by the sparkle of riches.

But hey...that's okay...because it's America...the land of the free..the home of the brave....well except for the Christians who are too afraid to stand up for right...even if they have to stand alone. Wake up church! People are dying every day! Souls are being welcomed into hell everyday! I've heard a lot of people say "Well it's their right..just let them be them and us be us"...but that mindset is exactly why prayer isn't allowed in the schools, gay marriage is now legal and babies are murdered daily. God is the original President, Congress and Government. He set his rules in place long before politics came into play. Yes, times have changed but he has not. RETURN TO THE TRUE PRINCIPLES OF GOD!

My prayers are for the families of the ISIS victims & for the return of the church to the standard of God.

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