Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Become a Sponsor of Life Forever Changed!!!

With our next production only 45 days away, GO Ministries is still in need of sponsors. Our goal is to gain 40 sponsors who will donate $50 to help cover the remaining production costs for "Life Forever Changed."
(We are a verifiable 501 C3 organization) We invite you to help us make a difference in the lives of families who attend this production.
Sponsors can choose to participate in three ways:
  1. Make a Donation in Memory of a Loved One
  2. Make a Donation as a Supporting Business, Church or Organization  
We are also working to raise awareness about the importance of making final arrangements by way of  buying insurance, writing a will and making funeral arrangements in advance. Information tables will be set up after the productions for families to visit. If you are an Insurance Agent, Funeral Home or Family Will Attorney who specializes in either of these fields, we need you as a sponsor!!!!
Please contact us by calling 229-942-5125 or via email us for more info about sponsoring a table.

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