Thursday, April 11, 2013

Saints...We've Been Punked By the World

I didn't know about Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson until I watched their "Still Getting Whoopings" video about a year ago. To be honest the video was funny but it didn't make me a die hard fan. Our kids found them to be hilarious and continued to watch their other videos on YouTube but it wasn't long before Travis and I put a stop to that. The more popular they became, the more (in their own words) ratchet they became with the video topics and music.
As Christians, we have to be very careful who we support. The world is making light of the church, scripture, God's Holy name, speaking in tongues and the use of Hallelujah( the highest praise). People joke about it on TV, in stage plays, movies, church parking lots and the pulpit. And what do we do....we laugh. We say it's all in good fun and we laugh. The sad thing is, we are too foolish to realize the joke is on us. The world is laughing at us right in our faces and we are too ignorant to see it. Strong words you say? I know they are but it's the truth and I'm preaching to myself as well.
Some things shouldn't amuse us. In world where we Christians are being told to lighten up. God is saying "You'd better TIGHTEN up." While we were laughing, innocent children were getting killed while sitting at their school desk. While we were laughing, people searching for God passed right by us because they couldn't tell the difference between us and the world. While we buying tickets to see the shows and concerts to laugh some more, a family went hungry and lost their home because there no help available. While we laughing someone took their life because they couldn't find anything to laugh about.
Look at the video below and watch. This video was shot in a house of God.
 The world laughs at us because they no longer feel threatened by us. They have us riding along with them. The sad thing is, their ride ends in hell. Some things just aren't funny.

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