Thursday, January 7, 2010

~Wake Up Church!!!~

Did you honestly think that satan stopped at Jesus when he offered him the world in exchange for his soul? Not so. Satan continues to manipulate the minds of our people by giving them the desires of their heart. It is easy to become so fascinated with the money, the cars, the houses and the notoriety that we overlook the most important thing....The commandments of God.

My dear friend loaned me a copy of G Craig Lewis's latest DVD, Hip Hop V. Mr. Lewis provided an in-dept view of satan's plot to rule the world and how he's gathering his army of drones to follow him. I highly recommend this dvd. It contains a step by step break down of satan's plot to possess the world through the use of the different signs, symbols and bodily expressions that are found in the music of both secular and "christian" artists.

Earlier the summer, I posted my convictions and views about the how today's Christian finds no fault in supporting and uplifting the secular. I lost quite a few "friends" as a result of this. Did it hurt? For a moment, yes. Will I stop spreading God's true word? No, not ever. There is a saying "The hand that rocks the cradle is hand that rules the world." No, I am not saying that satan rules the world but I am asking parents not to let video games, ipods and television babysit your children. Pay attention to what your children are absorbing!!

I do encourage you to purchase this dvd today (especially those of you who are skeptics). The information is true, it's real and backed up with actual interview, video and scripture. You can do so by going to Mr. Lewis's website at

At the risk of writing a tell all blog about Mr. Lewis's video, I will bring this post to an end. However, I will sign off by quoting Mr. Lewis and saying "WAKE UP CHURCH!!!!!!"

From My Heart to Yours

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